Every Body Humboldt host workshops and retreat-style gatherings for self-care and relaxation. Workshops often include combinations of yoga, self-massage, healing touch and crafting or creating. Below are a few examples.

An Evening of Self-care and Self-love for Valentine’s Day
Calling all lonely hearts, anxious minds, and those looking to romance themselves on a
 tender self-care date. We will guide you through a relaxing eve
ning of self massage, gentle and restorative yoga, and optional essential oils for a sweet practice of softening the heart. We’ll close the evening by crafting love notes to ourselves over heart-opening tea. This practice is suitable for all levels of experience and ability.
(Past event: February 14, 2018)


Mother’s Day Retreat

The class will begin with a meditation to connect us to a deep appreciation for all mothers, especially our Mother Earth. We’ll move through a simple, gentle yoga sequence, followed by deep relaxation in restorative yoga with healing touch. No yoga experience necessary and you don’t need to be a mother to join us. (Past events: Mother’s Day 2016 & 2017)

Full Moon Yoga + Herbal Allies Practice
A gentle practice for grounding, stress reduction, and releasing emotional and physical tension.We will guide you through a slow and sweet yoga practice, beginning with a grounding meditation, followed by mindful movement, yin and restorative yoga poses, inspired by the sweet intention and magical manifestations set during the preceding Full Moon. We will help you integrate specific essential oils throughout practice for decreasing pain, minimizing inflammation and calming the nervous system. Class will close with a guided relaxation and optional hands-on healing touch and a custom blended herbal tea. (Past event: March 9, 2018)


Yin Yoga & The Moon Phases
4-week series
We’ll look to the Moon as our guide and celebrate our darkness and light, our strength and softness, our abilities to be active and restful, to be grounded and hopeful through this weekly yin yoga practice. Yin Yoga consists of seated and reclining poses that are held for 3-7 minutes at a time, stretching along the energetic meridian lines outlined in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This style is a perfect complement to a more active (Yang) yoga practice, as it provides the balance of stillness. Yin Yoga is also helpful for anyone suffering from low energy or stress, as it recharges your batteries and brings harmony to the body and mind. Holding the poses for several minutes at a time allows us to bring in the practice of cultivating mindfulness, presence and develop skills for a deeper meditation practice. Blocks, Straps and Blankets will be used for support when needed. Appropriate for all levels.
(Past event: Feb 1-22, 2018)